Have fun in the sun (without breaking the bank)

Summer is here and we’ll all be thankful for longer days and sunnier skies! When the weather is nice, each day feels like it’s filled with more possibilities than waking up to pouring rain, so I’ve put together some ways to make the most of the weather, give your well being a boost and stay safe all at the same time.

Growing food and flowers: You don’t need to have a huge garden or piece of land to enjoy the benefits of growing your own! A balcony, windowsill or yard is still perfect for planting up some pots. I know very little about gardening and growing things but with some patience and guidance from my Grandma and Google, I have managed to grow herbs on my windowsill and flowers in my garden. Studies have shown that spending time outside with plants and soil is beneficial for your wellbeing and so is eating tasty, home grown food! Not to mention the sense of pride that comes with it. Start small if you feel nervous with some herbs or tomato plants and grow from there, you can grow almost anything in a pot if you don’t have much space and it’s always worth a go.

Improve your outdoor space: This doesn’t just extend to a garden or balcony but also to your village or town. Tidying grass, planting flowers, dropping seed bombs, and picking up rubbish are all easy ways to make your outdoor environment more beautiful and enjoyable for everyone! Find out if there are litter picks in your area for a more social trip out or try to make your own seed bombs. The people around you and the wildlife will be grateful!

Walking: The benefits of walking outside are countless for overall health and best of all, it’s free and you don’t need anything to do it! It’s good for heart health, getting fresh air, building fitness, and mental health. If you’re having a bad day or feel a bit overwhelmed, getting outside for a walk even for ten minutes can help to clear your mind, calm any anxiety, and help you through the rest of your day.

Sun protection: I know I don’t need to talk about how important it is to wear sun block and make sure you are protected from harmful rays. Wearing sunblock is so important and not just on the days where it’s a clear blue sky, as harmful rays can still come through cloud cover and damage your skin. Don’t keep sunblock for too long as the SPF can diminish over time so always check the bottle and replace when necessary and keep topped up throughout the day by reapplying often. It’ll keep you protected from skin damage, cancer risk and bad sunburn (which always puts me in a bad mood!)

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is vital to building healthy bones and keeping your body strong, but most UK adults are deficient in this hormone. The best way to absorb it is from the sun, you can get it from foods, but this is not as effective. Foods such as oily fish, mushrooms and red meat are good sources of vitamin D as well as taking extra supplements. Be careful when sitting in the sun not to burn and damage your skin.

Take your time: It’s important when you are out in the sun working or exercising, to take your time with what you are doing. If you’re cutting the grass or walking or running, take regular breaks to come inside, rest and have a drink to make sure you don’t overheat or wear yourself out. Always remember, there’s no rush to get things done and taking your time with tasks can often be more enjoyable.

So, there are just a few ways to enjoy the sun and the longer days while looking after yourself and your well being and without breaking the bank! Comment below if you have anything you enjoy doing now that the summer is here.

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