How to make your goals more achievable

As we reach the middle of 2021, I wondered about how many people set New Year’s resolutions and who is still going with theirs. Statistics say that less than 10% of people will achieve their New Year’s resolutions and this is mainly down to them being generally too broad. Eat healthier is a rather sweeping statement, whereas making sure you’re hitting your five a day is more specific and achievable.

I spent some time thinking about my New Year’s resolution which was to be kinder. As far as sweeping statements go, this one is pretty broad. For myself, it was to be in all aspects of life. Be kinder to myself, my health, the planet, other people, my bank balance (sorry online shopping) and everything else in between. I would say that I’ve made a decent start to this but if I’m brutally honest, there’s a whole lot more I can do!

If you Google ‘How to keep your New Year’s resolutions’, there’s a lot of articles that talk about setting specific goals rather than general resolution statements. This makes more sense as it gives you something to work towards rather than just an overall idea. When I thought about my resolution and how I could make it more goal specific, I started to feel a bit disheartened. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love cake and chocolate and sugar in general and that I can be pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. How could I use the information in these articles to make my ‘be kind’ statement more specific and achievable?

Thanks to lockdown, we’ve all spent more time inside, probably watching a lot more TV, Netflix and (if you’re like me) YouTube videos. I love a self-improvement YouTube video and have found myself watching a few on goal setting and general life satisfaction and I realised there was a little nugget of wisdom in one that could be applied to New Year’s resolutions and goal setting.

Just a minute.

Just a minute’ means starting small and building from there. Don’t have the motivation to exercise for 20 or 30 minutes a day? Why not try 3 minutes of yoga stretches in the morning or a 10-minute walk outside. Eating healthier can make you miss the sweet stuff (I know I’m all about sugar!) so try eating one less unhealthy snack a day and replace it with fruit or nuts and build from there.

I know that if I suddenly said I was going to eat nothing but natural, healthy foods and exercise every day, stop online shopping (the Hermes driver will miss me) and go completely plastic free, I will likely fail within 15 minutes. So, I’m being kinder one small step at a time. It’s much better for working towards my goals and boosts my wellbeing because I am succeeding more than failing!

Let me know what your New Year’s resolutions were and how you are doing and maybe try the ‘just a minute’ approach if you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start.

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