Creating a vision board

We’re almost half way through 2021 now and well on our way to either forgetting our New Year’s resolutions, or achieving them. My New Year’s resolution this year was to be kinder in all aspects I could and so far I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it. I bought some daffodils the day other from my local supermarket and took an extra bunch to my neighbour and had a (socially distanced) chat on the doorstep which was lovely! Small things like that make so much difference to people’s day and it takes nothing to think about someone else or do something nice for them. As well as being kinder, there were other things that I wanted to achieve in 2021 but I wasn’t keen on just writing a ‘to-do’ list of everything and ticking it off, it didn’t feel inspiring. Enter, the vision board!

Creating a vision board isn’t a new concept but I got the inspiration to do it from one of my favourite YouTuber’s, ‘Jessica Rose Williams’. She uploaded a video last month about creating hers for this year and I felt like it would be something that could work quite well for me too, so I gave it a go. There’s so many ways you can do it, from cutting up magazines, drawing your own pictures, doodling fancy words or printing pictures off the internet. I opted for the latter. Once I had it printed off, I added some little doodles, notes and words to really make it my own and I keep it in my journal so I go back to it as often as I like and reflect on my progress.

Some of the images I added to my vision board represented; reading more, embracing minimalism and being content with what I have and not buying new, deleting some of my social media accounts, learning Italian, spending time outside, trying to grow my own vegetables, dedicating more time to my blog and putting less pressure on myself to be perfect. Here’s how I made mine;

  1. I made a list of words and notes that summed up my goals and aims for 2021 and thought about how I could represent them.
  2. I went onto Google and looked through some images relating to my words and goals, picked the ones that most inspired me, then copied them onto a publisher document.
  3. Next, I spent some time arranging the pictures to look beautiful.
  4. Finally, I printed it off, added some notes and voila!

So is a vision board right for you? I’m quite a visual person and as much as I love a written ‘to-do’ list, I prefer pictures and diagrams. I’m that sad person that loves to work through an IKEA instruction booklet whereas my Husband despises it! (Opposites attract I suppose and we work quite well as a couple). If you’re the type of person who doesn’t get inspired from pictures or doodles and prefers a tidy and structured list, then a vision board might not be right for you. However, give it a try! You never know and you might find doing things slightly differently to how you normally would refreshing and the beauty of creating it is that you can make it completely your own. Make it as busy and colourful as you like or keep it simple and minimalistic. Whatever will keep you interested, inspired and motivated.

I keep my vision board in my journal and look at it every time I write. It helps to give me focus when I feel a bit lost on some days and it’s so beneficial, I would recommend anyone to give it a go! And thank you to Jessica for inspiring me to create mine!

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