Journaling prompt: A letter to my teenage self

Dear Alexandra,

This letter will probably feel a bit like all the advice your Mum gives you when things go wrong and you feel like the whole world is against you. But please read with an open mind and trust that I know exactly how you feel. 

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the bullies never quit, even now in your mid twenties they still have their digs. Mum says they’ll get bored and move on but they don’t. I know that’s really not what you want to hear but this is. One day, I don’t know when, you’ll realise that you stopped caring what they said and what they thought! Like waking up from a nightmare, everything just felt better. Who cares what they think of what you do or say, if you’re happy then that’s it, nothing else matters!

I know how much you hate your frizzy, wavy hair or the fact that you wear glasses and don’t have ultra perfect skin. Sadly, that won’t suddenly change or go away overnight. You will continue to struggle with it over the years but keep going because you’ll find the products and hair styles that work for you and you’ll grow to love everything you currently view as a flaw. And I’ll tell you what makes it easier, finding someone who loves them too.

All you want is a boyfriend! To love and be loved and don’t worry, that will come. You will have a lovely relationship and a relationship that will make you feel like you’ve been to hell. This is the darkest time in your life but please please hold on, keep going because trust me it’ll be worth it. You’ll walk away, head held high, free, with a new strength you didn’t know you could have. Then you’ll meet him, the one you dreamt about, you hoped for but didn’t believe you would meet. The one who tells you how much he loves you, that he loves everything about you and that’s he’s the luckiest man on earth to have you. The one you are going to marry! Everyday you’ll think is this a dream, but it’s not. All the struggles and heartache and pain will vanish, and you’ll be left with what I now know life is all about. True, pure and unconditional love. 

Hang in there little one, your time is coming.

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